Thursday, November 20, 2008

New MIRIAM photos

Two new composite images taken during the MIRIAM mission were released today:

This image is an approximate view of what the human eye would have seen during the flight. It shows the MIRIAM Service Module high above Sweden as seen by the Camera Module on top of the REXUS-4 payload section. Since the individual images were taken over a period of several seconds, the relative position and state of individual objects is not correct. The second stage motor can be seen dropping away left from the center of the image, while the Service Module's jammed clamp ring is still attached.
The image capture sequence is from far left to far right.
The individual frames were captured by the Camera Module's solid state video camcorders. Lens distortions ("pillowing") were not corrected, which is why the curvature of the horizon does not match on either side.

This image shows the REXUS-4 Payload section with the still attached second stage motor. It was assembled from frames captured by the left-hand TV-boom-camera on board the Servce Module (the left-hand boom is the red one pointing upwards and towards the observer in REXUS4 Mosaic 02.jpg).

The differences in shades in both images result from the camera's adaptive exposure time, which leads to some frames being darker than others.

Image Rights: The Mars Society Germany and the University of the Federal Armed Forces of Germany, Munich.

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