Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 3, Part 1: Radar Hill & Preparations for the Bench Test


After breakfast, some of us climbed the "radar hill," the highest point on Esrange. The 45-minute climb by foot was rewarded with an excellent view of the range and is seeded with satellite tracking antennas. The isolated geography contrasted by the high-end technology was somewhat reminiscend of Star War's forest moon of Endor. After our walk, the excitement grew in anticipation of the "bench test," the first static full systems test of all Rexus 4 components and experiment. This will be the topic of the Part 2 post of the day.

About half-way to the top of the hill.

A large variety of tracking antennas line the face of the hill.

Me on top of the hill. You can see the launch site in the background

Radar and tracking equipment on top of the radar hill.

Back at the preparation building, the team prepares for the bench test.

Part 2 of the bench test will be posted later tonight, so stay tuned.

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